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Accelerate your path to a fulfilling career!

I help you elevate your job search by guiding you step-by-step on how to create résumés, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters that get you interviews so you can land fulfilling work.

Wondering if your résumé is keeping you from getting interviews? Download my free guide on The 3 Most Common Problems with Résumés and How to Fix Them

Want help with writing your résumé from start to finish?

If you need step-by-step guidance on how to write a résumé from scratch, then my Résumé in a Weekend Course is for you! I’ll help you:

1. Identify all the components to include in your résumé so you’re not leaving out any important information

2. Write impactful achievement statements that clearly communicate your value and all that you bring to the table

3. Craft an eye-catching résumé that you’re not only proud to send out but will land you interviews 

I teach job seekers:

  • How to determine what information needs to be included in their résumé.
  • How to decide which achievements to include and how to write them in an impactful way.
  • How to format everything so recruiters and hiring managers will want to read your résumé.

Learn how to create an attractive résumé so hiring managers are excited to bring you in for an interview

Write achievement statements that clearly communicates all that you can contribute

Craft a résumé that you’re not only proud to send out but will get you interviews with companies you’d be excited to work for

Hi, I’m Michelle!

I am a résumé writer and career coach that believes finding meaningful work shouldn’t be so difficult. 

I help people making tough transitions by showing you how to translate your skills so that employers will understand all that you can contribute to their organization.

I am a certified résumé writer and Senior Professional Career Coach that helps job seekers and other résumé writers translate skills and experience into clear and succinct résumés that recruiters and hiring managers will want to read.